Prepare Your Mind

Prepare Your Mind

| Tina Bakehouse

In 2007, I wanted an instructor position at a local university. My mentor said, “It will be hard. There’s lots of competition just to get an interview.” With lots of work, I landed the coveted interview.

That was only half of it. Now, I had to prove myself as the ideal candidate for the position. I became consumed with preparing my mind.

While preparing content prior to a presentation is essential (you must have something to talk about), your mind can affect and influence your message.

To prepare your mind you must:

Visualize success
Engage in positive self-talk
Practice, practice, practice.

Two weeks prior to this interview, I visualized standing in a classroom, teaching and connecting with college students.

I visualized answering questions thoughtfully. When the day came for my 8-hour interview, I felt calm, prepared, and ready.

When I felt a moment of insecurity or negative thinking, I paused, and changed my thought.

Instead, my mind said, “You got this!”
“You’re here. They want you here.”
“It’s a conversation to connect.”

These positive thoughts guided my verbal messaging to connect with department.

Weeks later, I got the exciting news: the university selected me as their new communication studies instructor!

These skills didn’t just happen overnight.
It takes practice.
Lots of practice.
Every day.
All the time.

Changing your mind chatter is a life-changer.

Before you know it, you’ll be thinking and feeling more aligned and intentional to your authentic style.

Make your mind a daily practice.

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