Getting the Presence You Want

Getting the Presence You Want

| Tina Bakehouse

“I figured it out,” my client *Darcie said. Darcie and I had been working on her inner confidence, how she communicated her ideas and story.


“It’s about being intentional,” Darcie said. 


Darcie and her husband needed to make a change with their family. For this conversation to go well, they needed to be calm, receptive, and authentic.  


They aligned their heart with their head. 


“This time, I didn’t have the negative story in my head,” Darcie said. In the past, Darcie allowed her emotion to be her guide. 


By planning their points prior, tuning into the appropriate energy, and putting themselves in their children’s shoes, they created the right space and time to communicate with the greatest impact.


We create stories in our heads that aren’t true. 


We can become riddled with anxiety of fears of future unknowns or depressed by past events we don’t want to relive.


Deepak Chopra, author and alternative medicine advocate, shared the following equation in his book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul:


Awareness – Energy – Body


First, it’s being aware


Ask yourself, “Does this feel good?” “What can I do differently?” “Why is this happening?”


Darcie was aware her past behavior wasn’t working. She needed to change her delivery and to change her delivery, she had to change her content


Changing and planning the content of her message, changed her energy.


Energy is the control system, the driving force of your body.


Feeling good and prepared, your body will respond.


Feel frustrated or anxious, your body will respond.


The next time you have an important conversation or presentation, craft a beautiful story in your mind.


Feel the outcome you desire.


Let your awareness be your guide.


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*Name has been changed