You can Learn a lot from a Goat

You can Learn a lot from a Goat

| Tina Bakehouse

Three years ago, my husband texted me, “I might have purchased seven goats.”


This news came as a shock, for we hadn’t discussed adding animals to the farm. Yet, knowing my husband’s mantra of improving soil health, it was natural step to diversify our livestock.


Our goat herd has grown. Each spring, we’ve bred our goats, selling only the males. Twenty-three goats later, we’ve named and loved each goat, acknowledging their purpose to enrich the soil.


During the spring, goats kid one to two babies at a time. The last two months, we’ve been bottle-feeding Deanne the Goat four times a day.  Her mother rejected her at birth.  We’d prepare the milk at 112 degrees temperature, attempting to mimic her mother’s milk.


Deanne recognizes us and communicates when she’s hungry. She even responds when she hears her name. Now, we’ve weaned Deanne from the bottle, and she’s eating grasses on her own with the herd.

She’s a fighter, wanting to survive.


Deanne developed a mindset to live.

Like Deanne the Goat, as speakers, we must have a clear, “want-to” mindset.

For every speaking experience, whether in a meeting, workshop, or keynote, we make choices. 


We choose how to show up.

We choose to step forward, prepared.

We choose to compose and present a clear message to communicate and connect with our audience.


Feeding Deanne, we knew the importance of heating the milk at the right temperature.

Too cold, she’d reject the milk.

Too hot, the milk would burn her.


We gave Deanne what she EXPECTED.


When presenting a speech, link the content to match the context and audience’s expectations.

Give the audience what they want and have a focused, unwavering positive mindset you can do it.

And then you will.

To meet my amazing goats, join me, Gary and Deanne Gute at Maple Edge Farm, Friday September 10, 1-5:30 pm CDT for Flow on the Farm–experiential leadership and discussions to experience flow in work and in your personal life. Email me at to register.