Letting Go—RELAX, Communicate

Letting Go—RELAX, Communicate

| Tina Bakehouse

During my two weeks’ vacation in Minnesota, I convinced my son and husband to go on a surrey bike ride in Minnehaha Park. 


I’ve always found surrey bikes fun. 


The physical activity. The exploration of new territory. The connection with people.


One primary challenge of riding a surrey bike is it requires more than one person. 


All cyclists must be in sync with one another.


Pedaling uphill is hard even on a regular bike, but especially on a surrey.


Starting out, I envisioned a fast, smooth ride.


Initially, I had expectations.


Within minutes, we encountered a large hill.


Once we started pedaling, I let go of wanting anything other than the experience as it is.


I truly relaxed.


When you’re communicating with others, do you have expectations for how they’ll react or let them be who they are?


Do you show up with an inflexible agenda?


Do you feel disappointed when the communicative event doesn’t go your way or how you expected?


When you decide to let go, relax, and let be, you’ll be amazed how better you feel to listen to others and present your ideas.


The next time you find yourself tightening up, wanting things, events, and people to be a certain way, pause.




Let go and let the moment be.


Try not working so hard, forcing the situation to be what it’s not. 


Pedaling the surrey bike with three people was hard, until I let go. 


I let go of the expectation of going fast, accomplishing a workout, and instead, just relished the ride.


My family did too.


For each speaking engagement do the same, and you’ll strengthen the connection with your audience.


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