Have a Clear Point

Have a Clear Point

| Tina Bakehouse

Recently, my client and I co-facilitated a webinar about crafting a keynote speech.

Initially, she struggled with what her speech was about and how to start.

Her passion was stuck.  

She found inspiration by reading more about her topic, exploring related settings that embraced her topic, walking and thinking about her topic.

Are you able to say what your speech is 1-3 words?

Knowing what’s important and what’s essential is difficult.

If you’re challenged with sharing your topic, think how your audience feels.

Get out of the weeds.

Ask yourself, “What’s my main point?”  

Ask yourself, “Why should the audience care about this topic?”

Ask yourself, “What are my 1-3 points to support my main idea?”

Taking the time to prepare thoughtful content will keep your audience connected to you and your topic.

“A good speech is like a pencil; it has to have a point.” 

By the end of our time together, my client had clear focus. 

She constructed clear main points for a targeted audience.

She was excited to present for she knew what she was presenting.


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