Words from the Heart: Are You More Role-Directive or Role-Informative?

Words from the Heart: Are You More Role-Directive or Role-Informative?

| Tina Bakehouse

What kind of communicator are you?


Are you more role-directive or role-informative?


Are you more comfortable with schedules and making decisions quickly (role-directive), or do you prefer to have more time to probe, explore, and experiment with your thoughts (role-informative)?


Social psychologist David Keirsey said that it is not how well we think, but how well we act in a given role by doing what we are naturally good at.


You may be asking: How does this natural part of my temperament matter when it comes to communication?


It affects your word choice.


It affects your energy and intensity when you send a message (verbally or nonverbally).


It affects your pacing and tone of voice.


These styles are on a spectrum.


Role directives tend to be faster and louder communicators; whereas, role-informatives may have more of a smooth, casual approach to communicating.


Both can be effective.

Both can affect the connection with the other.


Being too direct can be too off-putting and pushy.

Being too indirect can come off as aloof and uncaring.


For example, I’m more role directive. Knowing that I want meetings to be focused on the task, I must breathe and be intentional and listen, rather than push the other person along to get to the point to make a decision.


My role-directive strategy?


While aware of my speaker style, I allow plenty of transition time from one communication to the next.




Focus on being fully present in the moment.


Role informatives can plan an agenda for a meeting or have an outline a speech with essential speaking points.


Be clear with a goal/desired outcome in mind.


Know your style.


Be open to the moment and the other speaker to best co-create communication.


What’s your style?


How do you best connect with the other?


What’s a strategy that works for you for the best outcome?


Craft your content and deliver compassionately to make your message matter.


By understanding yourself, you get that much closer to understanding others.


If you’re ready to craft a keynote or share your story, reach out for a discovery call, so we can connect to uplevel your speaker style. If you want help telling you or your organization’s story or communicate with ease, join me for 5 Days to Become a Magnetic Speaker, April 18-22, 11-noon pm CST in my private Facebook Group: Uplevel Your Speaker Style.