How to Be More Adaptable with Your Communication

Heart2Heart: How to Be More Adaptable with Your Communication

How to Be More Adaptable with Your Communication

| Tina Bakehouse

How many of you feel nervous and immediately challenged when a speaking experience changes or doesn’t go as planned?

How can you move forward and present with ease?


Change your thought process. 

Let go of the mindset “I’ve always presented this way,” or “I’m used to it going like this, “or “It should be this way.

Instead, embrace what is and flow into it, rather than forcing against the wave of the moment.

Being adaptable is a choice.

I had a client who struggled, and we focused on retraining her brain by writing affirmations, saying them aloud, attending to the concepts of being confident and valuing the self and voice.

Tune into what the other is giving youmirror the body language and overall vocal tone based on the context of the situation and relationship you have with the person.

During a networking situation, it’s imperative to tune into energy of the space and others, noting how closely the person is standing to you.

  • Are they leaning in and listening?
  • Giving engaging eye contact?
  • Asking thoughtful questions?
  • Or are they clearly in a rush to connect with the next person?

It’s a definite turn off when you come off too strong too fast.

The situation may require softening your flamboyant, energetic style to make the others more comfortable communicating.

By being adaptable, you’re making it easier to communicate with different styles and different people.

Match your vocabulary to your given audience.

Larger organizations have jargon or inner-organizational language. It connects team members but can disconnect with those not in the know.

For example, when presenting to a healthcare leadership group, research what’s important to them.  Use medical terms, examples, and data, embedding it into your talk.

This extra work shows your compassion for what they do.


To be more adaptable:

Embrace learning – read more, listen to podcasts, ask questions.

By having an open mind and taking risks, you’re engaging in richer relationships where you’re helping others feel heard and understood.

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