How Do you Master Public Speaking?

How Do you Master Public Speaking?

| Tina Bakehouse

Holistic Business Coach, Shelley Riutta said in one of my coaching calls, “It’s all about the alignment of the soul rather than a performance; cultivate the inside of you and the outside will follow.

Shelley inspired me to explore specific dimensions to master the art of public speaking, that it takes internal work.

To be an effective speaker, it is finding inner alignment, embracing the magnetic speaker you are, ever fully present with each speaking experience.

Dimension 1: Mastery of Public Speaking: A Balanced Heart

To be a magnetic speaker, you need to channel your soul: Balance your heart and head space. Feeling joy versus fear.

Dimension 2: Mastery of Public Speaking: Self Love

To be a magnetic speaker, you must experience and embody self-love. Self-monitoring where you are: conditioned self-versus authentic self; Label and be self-aware. Be the loving, wise adult.

Dimension 3: Mastery of Public Speaking: Audience-Centeredness

To be a magnetic speaker, know your audience, engage them with a variety of strategies, tuning into the different learning styles: audible, visual, kinesthetic.

Dimension 4: Mastery of Public Speaking: Engaging, Organized Content

To be a magnetic speaker, embrace and use clear, engaging content for each message. Keep your audience in the know.

Dimension 5: Mastery of Public Speaking: Anchored Confidence

To be a good speaker, anchor your confidence, commit to your vision, and share your message for the greater good.

Ask yourself, who am I being. What do I want to be known for?

Are you curious how to tap into the “who” that you are, understanding your authentic speaker style?

Do you have a burning desire to craft a signature talk, to share your message, yet don’t know where or how to start?

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