How can I become a confident speaker?

How can I become a confident speaker?

| Tina Bakehouse

There are so many sayings about confidence.

As an athlete and coach, I have been told many of them, and even used some of the ones my coaches said to me over the years.

“Fake it ’til you make it” was one of these sayings I often heard fellow coaches using.  I understand the concept behind this saying, but it never rang true for me.

I recently heard a motivational speaker for female athletes share her story with girls and young women ranging in age from primary school to collegiate athletes.

Her story was one that was funny, inspiring, and heartfelt.  Her ending was not really the happy ending everyone expected, but rather showed how she was able to rise from her failure of not playing collegiate sports or completing her degree.

Her mantra was “first courage, then confidence.”  This saying was stamped on bracelets for each attendee to wear when they left.

It takes courage to try things that we don’t feel skilled at doing, or are even afraid of attempting.

Confidence isn’t something we are born with, but being courageous is learned when we surround ourselves with a support system.

I think back to my son’s first steps.  He was unsure of his ability to move independently between his dad and me.  With a few words of encouragement from us, he found the courage to take that first step.

Now it’s your turn.  Take your first step.

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I wanted to share this video with you of Nathan, who also struggled with confidence and introduced himself by saying “I’m not a public speaker.

Your next step is to create your signature talk.

What better way to be inspired than to spend time perfecting your craft in nature?

I want to welcome you to a very special event I have created for you.

You will arrive courageous, and leave confident.

Take that first step!

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