What Kind of Energy are You Presenting Your Topic?

What Kind of Energy are You Presenting Your Topic?

What Kind of Energy are You Presenting Your Topic?

| Tina Bakehouse

Is it more feminine or masculine?

Feminine energy is more receptive, calm, and open.

While masculine energy is more active, full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Both have their place.

It’s important to have a balance of the two energies.

Think of the feminine energy as one that you use when you want to soften
the message.

  • Use this energy when you’re sharing a heartfelt story.
  • Or when you want to add contrast to texture your presentation.
  • Or when you’re facilitating Q and A following your speech to give the audience
    control of the conversation.

Think of masculine energy as bigger and louder with your voice and body

  • This energy is more appropriate to kick off your presentation to hook audience
    engagement to get them excited about the topic right out of the gate.
  • Or if you want to break up your main points with an exciting rhetorical question.
  • Or if you want your audience to draw in at the end with a pow!

When determining what type of energy to use, ask yourself these questions prior to

  1. What does the occasion require?
  2. What’s appropriate for the given context?
  3. What does the audience need from me?

Tune into the space, the context, the audience, then tune into yourself and
your energy, for the audience will mirror you.


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