Plan Your Story to Make Impact

Plan Your Story to Make Impact

Plan Your Story to Make Impact

| Tina Bakehouse

During the pandemic, my husband and I found an 1880s door in the attic.

Instead of throwing it out, we decided to have local artist Zack Jones create a scenic painting.

Zack requested 10-12 photos, and while my husband is an amazing photographer, not all his pictures would translate well into paintings.

We sifted through hundreds of photos and selected our top 15.

The artist made his recommendations.

Together, we chose a picture of our then 9-year-old son fishing at the West Nish River, for this picture told a story.

Months later, when Zack revealed the painting in our home, we were brought to tears, when he said, “I believe art brings good luck, good energy.”

This beautiful painting didn’t happen overnight.

It took focus.

It took time.

It took planning.


To make the biggest impact with your presentations and stories, it takes focus, time, and a plan.

When you have a story to share, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What story will I share?
  2. How will this story make my audience feel?
  3. Who are the characters in my story?
  4. How will I delivery my story?
  5. What important idea or takeaways do I want my audience to remember?
With some framework and preplanning, you’ll create a beautiful piece of art with long-lasting impact.
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