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How Do You Present Your Message Authentically?

How Do You Present Your Message Authentically?

| Tina Bakehouse

Audiences want to hear authentic stories.

What’s real and true to you?

First, connect to your core values. What do you care about?

Second, what’s the natural energy you want to bring to the room? Let go of your crazy thoughts and focus on the feeling.

Finally, flow. Let the words be fluid and natural. Native Americans speak of a hollow reed, that music, and even words, flow through you like a hollow reed.

Let go of the ego and be in the space of allowing. Though your personality is important, focus on the message and passion for the message, and let it will guide you.

Tune into your body. What is it doing?

What is it telling you?

Take a moment and look back at a past story you’ve told yourself. Heal and clear out that painful story.

Write a new story.

Write about your speaking future.

Envision it and feel it.

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