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5 Tips to Shift and Focus to Present Authentically

5 Tips to Shift and Focus to Present Authentically

| Tina Bakehouse

Have you ever said, “I want to shift and refocus,” or “Ugh, rewrite!” or “I need a redo!

The prefix “re” means “back” or “again.”

“Re” focuses on the past.

“Refocus” “Rewrite.” “Redo” – Instead of “Re” change your verb choice to the present tense.

I’m focusing.

I’m writing.

I’m doing.

Changing your words involves changing your mind.


Think, “It’s possible.

Believe, “How can it be possible? What’s next?” “What can I do this moment?

Know and show by saying, “Let’s do it!

What can you do to be in the present mind to present with confidence and clarity?

Here are 5 tips to communicate more clearly:

  1. Focus on celebrating your wins – even small ones like meeting someone new at a networking event.
  2. Asking useful questions. What would it look, sound, and feel like if I could speak more effectively?  Be more confident? Share my story?
  3. Take tasks off your plate to give you the time, effort, and energy to craft a talk, plan an important meeting, or get better at communicating at a networking meeting.
  4. More power is in the now. Look at the front of where you are and want to be, rather than the rear. It’s like riding a bike. To be and feel balanced and avoid falling, look forward to seeing the trail, bumps in the road, traffic.  As speaking coach Sarah Archer said, “You’re the vehicle of the message.
  5. Get a coach for support and accountability to move you forward. Having the help makes it easier and less painful.


Let go of “re” and be.

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