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Be Passionate with Your Topic, Connect with Your Audience

What does it take to have the passion and be magnetic?

Be Passionate with Your Topic, Connect with Your Audience

| Tina Bakehouse

During a leadership workshop I facilitated, I asked participants to ponder these two questions: who am I being? What do I want to be known for?

When I went back to these above questions, I realized my enthusiasm for learning, my intuitive nature, and overall preoccupation with harmony and passion for the subject matter influenced my presentation style.

My presentation style is unique to me.

And so is yours.

My zeal for exploring what’s possible (in this case, growing heart-centered leadership) and peppering my talk with stories and analogies to demonstrate “the how,” enhanced my workshop’s delivery.

When speaking be clear: one passionate idea.

In Gary Keller’s book The One Thing, he highlights the importance of focusing one thing when doing business and having passion, that success comes from living your fundamental truth.

Translate Keller’s one, focused idea into speaking.

If you believe what you say, your audience will too.

In the book Deep and Simple, the author Bo Lozoff highlights living a life by having a spiritual practice, living simply, and being of service. You can follow this same passionate philosophy when showing up as the magnetic speaker you are.

First, it’s acknowledging you’re a spiritual being having a human experience.

Through this acknowledgement, you can honor your spiritual connection and how it affects and influences how you craft your message and show up to the world.

Second, the message needs to be simple.
In every way.

As Make it Stick authors Chip and Dan Heath note, it’s easier to be complex than simple. Expressing your passion can be simple.

Third, your words have power, and coming into your being and having your essence be of service to others will make the message last longer and more effectively.

Inner passionate energy and passion for your topic has the following recipe:

Spirit + Simplicity+ Service = Passionate connection, impactful message.

Embrace the spiritual being you are: The Who that are you are, your personality, your talents, your authentic self.

Incorporate simplicity in your message and style: mechanics, including vocal and physical delivery, preparation, speaker ritual.

Integrate heart-centered service: being audience-centered and landing your message in the hearts of others.


What does it take to have the passion and be magnetic?

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