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Magnetism Comes from Within

Magnetism Comes from Within

| Tina Bakehouse

During a networking event, I witnessed a truly magnetic speaker.

Laura Harstad, a virtual photographer, popped into the Zoom square with a warm, welcoming smile, donning a vibrant, bright red shirt to match her sparkle.

What drew me to Laura’s speaker style?

She shared her business story with beautiful authenticity—evolving from a music teacher to virtual photographer, piquing my curiosity to learn more about her professional journey.

She expressed her desire to be creative and for her clients, meeting them where they’re are, making each individual look and feel good, sharing their overall essence, while having fun.

She owned her beautiful, natural energy by delivering with confidence and clarity.

During and following this speaker’s talk, audience members responded with “love your joy” “what beautiful spirit” and other forms of positive feedback.

Laura has a professional goal of shooting virtual photos on every continent, and the audience gave her connections to reach this goal because of her delightful magnetism, all which came from within.

She anchored in her natural, magnetic confidence.

Being yourself, allowing your passion for your “why” to lead the communication, is magnetic.