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Magnetic Speakers Build Trust with Their Audience

Magnetic Speakers Build Trust with Their Audience

| Tina Bakehouse

Recently, I listened to an interesting Youtube video with human behavior researcher Vanessa Van Edwards who says two questions are important to build charisma with your audience:

Does my audience trust me? 

Can they rely on me?

Trust and integrity hook an audience to linger on your message.

Sharing your passion and what you care about pairs well with establishing credibility.

Genuine Warmth + Topic Competence=Charisma

You build chemical connections and trust through eye contact and touch. It’s the “me too” connection.

These choices increase the chemical dopamine, which can boost the audience’s excitement to choose to listen, to do something based on your message.

Consider this…

When you start a conversation, look the speaker in the eye and provide a warm smile.  (*Make it natural, not fake.)

When entering a networking situation, provide a firm handshake.

When presenting a talk, gesture, even placing your hand on your heart when speaking about something you really care about.

These subtle choices, nonverbal cues are gifts to your audience, which build trust and strengthen the perception you are reliable.

Your audience will see the present in you.