Five Mindset Shifts to Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

Five Mindset Shifts to Communicate with Confidence and Clarity

| Tina Bakehouse

To communicate more effectively, you need to concentrate first on your mind.

Here are five mindsets to grow into your confident and authentic speaker style.


I’m not a public speaker.

“Public speakers are born” is a myth. As children, we played, created, and shared stories, even asked questions without training. 

Author and communication strategist John Capeci said all of us are natural born orators of our own lives; therefore, all of us share stories daily with friends and family and can get better at this skill if we first acknowledge and embrace, “I am a speaker.”


I have nothing to say.

All of us have insights worth sharing. 

If you’re nervous at a networking event, become the listener.  Ask questions. 

Dale Carnegie was known for being one of the most popular guests at a party because he focused on the other, being curious and asking thoughtful questions. 

Instead of trying to be interesting, be interested and soon you’ll connect and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.


I don’t know how to compose a speech

Fortunately, we have oodles of textbooks, websites, and resources available.




Test ideas. 

At some point, you’ll have to present an idea, whether to your supervisor or team at work, a potential client, or even an audience. 

Apps like Mindtools or Carmine Gallo’s Talk Like TED provide tips and hints for how to craft a thoughtful message to engage your audience. 

You can choose to be in the know.


No one will listen to me. 

With all the distractions and business of our lives, we can only be ourselves and be fully present. 

Choose content you care about. 

Target the right audience. 

If you’re trying to communicate with everyone, no one will listen. 

Once you find your target audience, share your passion in a meaningful way. 

You’ll have better luck your audience will listen.

I’m not good enough. 

We tend to compare ourselves to others. 

Brene Brown said, “We live in a culture of never enough…At some point, we just need to say “enough”: I am enough.” 

By focusing on who you are and your enoughness, you’ll share better, more beautiful energy and content to your audience.


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