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Communication Coaching

Individual Coaching Sessions

One-on-one professional public speaking and storytelling coaching

During your session, I’ll evaluate your temperament and analyze your speaker style then provide specific strategies for content and delivery to enhance your communication in professional settings to strengthen your leadership and interpersonal relationships.

How can I communicate with confidence and clarity?

Communicating effectively with colleagues, clients, and audiences is an art, and through practice, you can master the art of public speaking. My authentic communication approach boosts your confidence to new heights. Working with me is individualized to meet your needs, as no two speakers are the same. I’ll take you to the next level and develop a speaker ritual that best suits you to feel comfortable and successful in various speaking contexts.


Take the first steps toward clear communication today! Reach out to learn more about one-on-one consulting and coaching.


Clear content. Crucial credibility. Confident conviction.

To be successful in business, you must communicate effectively. Most studies cite public speaking as a number one fear. This fear is real. “Public speakers are born, not made” is a myth. Your voice is a gift; it’s your most amazing instrument. Confidence can be trained. My public speaking coaching explores your personal temperament, speaker style, self-perception, as well as assist you in analyzing your audience to target your talk.

The goal is to enhance your individual speaker style. To set you apart from others, ask yourself:

What is my unique speaker style?

How do I communicate with audience members or others at work?

How can I communicate with confidence and ease?

My Mantra: Grow to trust yourself. Get out of your head about it. Believe and communicate with conviction.

Communicating effectively with colleagues, clients, and audiences is an art, and through practice, you can master the art of public speaking. My authentic communication approach can help boost your confidence to new heights. Working with me is individualized to meet your needs. No two speakers are the same; therefore, what works for one speaker may not work for another. I’ll take you to the next level and develop a speaker ritual that best suits you to feel comfortable and be successful in various speaking contexts.

Taking the time to learn and grow is important.

Each session focuses on your communication growth and goals. We focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and temperament.


Rapport building between you and coach

Space for practice and conversation

Questions to engage self-discovery

Action plan to design and deliver messages with ease


The Magnetic Speaker Blueprint Program

For people who:

  • Have a speaking or communication goal in mind
  • Want clarity and more self-awareness on communication style and preferences
  • Desire crafting their business story or a story in a presentation
  • Present a keynote or TEDx talk or enhance a workshop
  • Improve video or virtual presence
  • Connect with others at networking events
  • Clarify an abstract idea to a team

Through this customized public speaking and communication coaching program, I assist clients with creating content for their presentation or messages for different communication contexts, speaker delivery, and overall presence using theatre tools like improvisation.

Magnetic Mind: Through a holistic approach, I assess the authentic versus conditioned self, your temperament, audience and context analysis to impact your message.

Magnetic Message: From multiple years of experience and research, I provide strategies for strong hooks, closures, and organizational patterns for the body of presentations and messages, adapting to a variety of learning styles and engagement patterns.

Magnetic Mechanics: With guidance, together, we practice vocal and physical delivery for you to have the desired presence and create a speaker ritual prior, during, and after specific communicative event(s).

Target Audience:
Leaders, CEOs, Nonprofit Executive Directors, Advocates for Change in varied industries


3-month; 6-month programs

3-month program includes 6-hourly sessions, handouts, email communication

6-month program includes 12-hourly sessions, handouts, email communication

Hourly sessions are available for quick turnover of projects.

Interested in kicking off your program and want to learn more?


For people who:

Have a big deadline!
You have a deadline and want a session to brainstorm or a session to work on delivering your presentation.

Target Audience:
Executive leaders, C-Suite Professionals, and advocates for change who are interested in getting immediate assistance to craft their keynote, TEDx, or professional presentation and/or want guided practice to enhance their delivery.


  • 1-3 hours

Location Options:

  • Maple Edge Farm
  • Virtual
  • Office location


For people who:

Small group consulting provides professionals a safe and supportive space to learn and grow. During our weekly 1-hour sessions, participants will learn tools to strengthen the content of their messages and practice presenting with a small group. This option gives each member the accountability they need to grow into a more effective communicator.

Target Audience:
Managers, CEOs, and business professionals, leaders interested in improving and enhancing communication skills, present a speech, facilitate a meeting, communicate more effectively with co-workers and/or supervisor, present a policy speech in front of Congress, or perform a story.


  • 3-months
  • 6-months
  • 12-months
  • On-going
  • Meet individually weekly and with accountability group weekly

Location Options:

  • Maple Edge Farm
  • Virtual
  • Office location
Are your ready to take the first steps toward clear communication?
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Tina was amazing. She taught me what keynote speeches and storytelling should look like. They don’t teach science majors the elements of public speaking. The time we spent together helped me to find the right message for my audience and craft 3 keynote speeches. I could not have done this without her and am grateful for her help.

Michelle Wright
Food Regulatory and Labeling Consultant

Tina Bakehouse, CEO of Tina. B. LLC, helped me identify my Conditioned Self, and then hone my Authentic Self to uplevel my confidence, awareness, and communicative skills to amplify my success in the sales industry. From her warm spirit, sense of humor, to her aptitude of storytelling and modeling positive traits of a skilled orator, as well as coach, my experience was productive, fun, and my take aways useful, and enduring. Thanks, Tina.

Craig Patzer
Pharmaceutical Sales, Tolmar Inc.

Tina B prepared me to host a successful non-profit event. Not only was the non-profit brand new at the time, but this was also our first event. As my communication analyst she prepared me to talk to T.V. stations, newspapers, radio stations, the general public, etc. With her guidance I successfully conducted 6 T.V. station interviews, talked with multiple newspapers, confidently talked with radio station hosts, and more. Working with Tina B, we successfully reached over 92,000 people via Facebook alone. I am thankful to have her as part of my network and would recommend her to anyone that could benefit from her services. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Jeff Dentlinger
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

I highly recommend Tina Bakehouse as a consultant for all levels of business and personal communication. My first experience with Tina was a story telling workshop. I have done quite a bit of public speaking, but always felt I could do a better job of engaging my audience. Her Storytelling workshop was not only an excellent team building experience. It also helped me achieve my objective of becoming a more engaging and effective communicator. I was so impressed with Tina that I retained her services as my Public Speaking Coach for my first TedX presentation. Tina helped me deliver a presentation that was far beyond anything I ever thought I was capable of. Her knowledge and experience was well worth the investment. She is the person to contact for your team building, Storytelling, and Public Speaking needs!

Seth Watkins
Business Owner, TEDx speaker