I’m a passionate and experienced communication educator, executive coach, storyteller, and creative.

Tina Bakehouse

Founder, Chief Communicator
Educator, Executive Coach for 20+ Years


Growing up on a farm in southwest Iowa, I found fun in performing, teaching, and learning. Using my front porch as a proscenium stage, I created radio talk shows with my tan 1980s Fisher Price tape recorder and orange sponge microphone. I composed scripts with my siblings and acted them out annually for my parent’s anniversary. I practiced monologues and speeches for high school competitions. Now, with my enthusiastic passion for performance, I’m transferring what I loved as a child into my adulthood career (with updated technology, of course).

Then, in 2007, I lost my voice. My voice was completely gone. More than laryngitis, it was vocal polyps, just like Julie Andrews. This vocal condition was due to stress, strain, and overuse. I met weekly with a speech pathologist for vocal therapy and saw a throat specialist who gave me two choices: surgery to remove the polyps, which could permanently change my voice, or complete silence for six weeks. I chose silence. In those six weeks, I realized the importance of listening and being fully present with others. I also realized how my vocal and nonverbal presence defined who I am and influenced my communication with others. After lots of therapy and rest, my voice recouped, and I left the high school teaching arena after six years of teaching speech and English.

Following 10 years of collegiate teaching at Creighton University, including starting a communication center for one-on-one coaching, I decided to try something new: leave education and work as an outreach and communication coordinator for a nonprofit. Burnout sneaked in. I made a difficult decision to jump out of a plane (figuratively) to try something new (again) by working for a bank as a Chief Creative Officer. Then came an international pandemic. From this social isolation, I committed to creating my own story by helping others share their stories with confidence and communicate more effectively, both in business and interpersonally.


Sitting on my 1880s rooftop, I muse, stargaze, and share ideas. I’m an idealist who believes in people, places, and possibilities.

Rockin’ Rollerskater

Full of energy and still an active rollerskater and rollerblader, I’m enthusiastic and passionate about what I do and who I meet.

Goat Whisperer

Like goats who are compassionate and kind just because—I am too.

Champion Cheerleader

I motivate and challenge others to grow in their speaker style and be their best self.

Speech Geek

I’ve participated on speech teams as a competitor, coach, and judge and have practiced speeches religiously in front of a mirror. I love learning, growing, and educating.

Mad Libs Master

As a child, Mad Libs helped me develop my love of words and how to use them effectively. (I still rock out a Mad Libs story just for fun).

Genuine Go-Getter

I make things happen—I see a social or environmental problem and use the arts or creative problem-solving to create solutions. (e.g. Developed and facilitated nine AgArts Camps on farms with artists, started and facilitated a youth theatre camp).


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Bachelor of Arts
Communication Studies, Psychology
University of Northern Iowa

Bachelor of Arts
Communication-Theatre, English Teaching
University of Northern Iowa

Master of Arts
Communication Studies
University of Nebraska-Omaha

Advanced Professional Writing Certificate
University of Nebraska-Omaha

Predictive Index Certificate

Keirsey Temperament Theory Certificate

2 Levels of Improvisation


10 years college teaching Public Speaking and Business Communication
Creighton University Communication Studies Department

Coached students and Creighton professors one-on-one in the Creighton Communication Center

13 years of communication coaching and workshops

Iowa High School Speech Association All-State Speech Critic

Leadership Iowa

1 year of human resources experience

Empower Rural Iowa Task Force (Statewide group; selected by the Governor, making policy decisions and empowering leaders)


Walt Disney World – Cast Member

Coached teens, found sponsors, and collaborated with a New York storyteller for two teen storytelling shows

Performed in multiple storytelling shows in southwest Iowa

TEDx speaker and TEDx Coach

Directed and performed in a storytelling show for Malvern’s 150th Celebration


Tina is a persuasive speaker and her coaching has helped advance my storytelling and speaking skills to a level I never thought I could reach. I highly recommend her services to anyone who desires to be an effective communicator and storyteller.

Pat Kearns

It was an honor and privilege to be able to work together with Tina to accomplish my goal of becoming TEDX speaker! Her natural ability as a storyteller is spectacular, and it’s only enhanced by her intense desire to help others succeed and continue growing in their own storytelling efforts. Tina’s creative storytelling strategies are made to capture the audience and keep them engaged throughout. Her time spent really getting to know me first in order to help me to share my story was so incredibly valuable. She’s a truly remarkable professional coach and I consider myself so lucky for having worked with her! Any speaker would be lucky to have Tina as their coach!

Meg Hertzel-Busing
Yes You Can Camp?, Omaha TEDx speaker

Tina Bakehouse is a dynamic, highly engaging speaker who is able to rapidly and powerfully deliver a message while responding in real time to the group or audience. She is always well-prepared and brings a rich professionalism along with her sparkling personality to presentations. She is a brilliant storyteller, which enlivens her presentations with a combination of heart and humor that makes them unforgettable. Tina Bakehouse is a phenomenal listener and communicator, and as a coach she combines these essential interpersonal skills with a wealth of knowledge. Her ability to connect with people where they are and support them as they work through the obstacles makes her coaching individualized, powerful and effective.

Jude Treder-Wolff
NY storyteller, singer, song writer

With very short notice to deliver a time-limited testimony before a congressional subcommittee, I turned to Tina for her guidance. She helped me outline the speech so I could write effectively using my own story and experiences. Tina listened to my rough drafts and provided feedback to increase the impact on my audience. Her coaching resulted in a successful delivery of the speech, leading to quality follow-up questions and additional conversation outside of the scheduled hearing. I would highly recommend Tina and her coaching to anyone needing to deliver an impactful message to their audience.

Nathan Anderson
Practical Farmers of Iowa Board Member, Self-employed Farmer

Tina combines big-time talent with an unusual ability to empathetically listen and coach. She helps her clients to communicate more effectively whether they are talking to a single person, reporting in a boardroom, or presenting to a room of 500.

Kim Hoogeveen, PhD
Mindset LLC, Owner