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Team Building Workshops

Team Building worthy of a standing ovation at Maple Edge Farm.

“Yes, And” to Team Building

Organizational culture matters. To grow your business and improve your overall workplace environment and shape team members, their leadership, communication style are essential. As a communication analyst, I evaluate speaker styles and contexts, personality types and relationships and customize the content and activities to meet the needs of your team.

For teams seeking an engaging team-building workshop, focusing on communication and/or psychology topics, I customize the message and activities to meet the needs of your team.


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To set your yourself apart from others, ask yourself:

How does my team collaborate with tasks at work?

What are my communication styles and preferences?

How do I be more fully present and “yes-and” my team?

To see success, the client needs internal motivation and personal growth mindset.

Setting the scene

Sometimes it takes leaving the office to fully focus, recharge, and create. Just a 40-minute drive from downtown Omaha, Maple Edge Farm, an over 150-year old family farm, is nestled among native oak and maple trees in the West Nishnabotna River Valley in southwest Iowa. This natural, green space can provide a respite from the distractions and sounds of the city. Together, we can walk the trails while creating content, brainstorm, or problem-solve, or sit a spell in the red, velvet room in my 1880s Victorian house. This creative space lends itself to sharing stories, growing and connecting teams, and evolving one’s speaker style.


Rapport building between you and coach

Space for collaboration and open communication

Questions and analysis to engage in self and team discovery

Action plan to improve your collaboration skills

Public speaking fear has a 10% affect on wage earnings and 15% impairment on your promotion.


Leading with Resilience: The Yes-And Approach to Inspired Leadership

Have you found it challenging to contribute your thoughts, ask questions, or offer or accept feedback? How do you connect more effectively with others?

Through the powerful tool of improvisation, Tina B. will facilitate an engaging workshop that highlights three core principles of improv: confidence, contribution, and connection.

Through pair-share and large group activities, you’ll stretch yourself to think, say, and act in the moment, embracing the yes-and attitude. Release self-judgement and have a go and join in this fun workshop. Channel your creative problem-solver to better connect with the self and others.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will define improvisation’s “yes-and” and what it means to be a leader with a yes-and attitude.
  • Participants will engage in practical application of using the rules of improvisation. (Number of rules depends on length of workshop.)
  • Participants will investigate Robert Poynton’s yes-and triangle of improv.
  • Participants will reflect on their communication style preferences.
  • Participants will create a plan for what’s next to improve communication with team members, clients, and others.

The Power of Story: Using Storytelling to Make the Impact You Desire

Humans are wired for story. Whether you’re communicating with your team, sharing your business story, or publicizing essential information, being clear and confident is essential to connect with your audience.

During this engaging workshop, you’ll explore best communication practices for crafting content that connects. It takes structure. It takes simplicity. And, it takes story. Through this workshop, you’ll learn strategies for ways to communicate more effectively to engage your audience to choose to listen to you.

Learning Objectives:
  • Examine the core three questions when crafting a story.
  • Identify, discuss, and practice the 5-beats of a story.
  • Brainstorm and discuss storytelling ideas used in professional settings.
  • Discuss incorporating sensory details and emotions in story.
  • Practice sharing stories.
  • Provide feedback to improve communication style.

Know Thyself: Who You Are Affects How You Work, Communicate, and Lead

Knowing who you are affects how you work, communicate, and lead. In this workshop, Tina B. will teach you more about temperament, what it is, and how you’re hardwired to collaborate with others or work towards efficiency.

While some individuals are more direct and others prefer to probe and keep options open, it takes all types to build a strong, unified team. We’ll discuss different communication styles and provide strategies for how to show up as your best self and connect more effectively with your team and client.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will define “temperament.”
  • Participants will engage in practical application of how to communicate with different styles and preferences.
  • Participants will explore the four temperaments.
  • Participants will reflect on their temperament, leadership, and communication style.
  • Participants will create a plan for what’s next to improve communication with team members, customers, and others.

Mastering the Magnetic Art of Public Speaking

What you say and how you say it matter. In this hands-on workshop, Tina B. will teach you strategies to create clear content and deliver with confidence.

Leave with awareness with ways to hook your target audience and have them leave wanting more. This workshop will provide you the templates to facilitate more powerful presentations to a variety of audiences as well as guided practice to prepare you for future presentations and conversations.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will define magnetic communication.
  • Participants will engage in practical application of using communication strategies to be more magnetic.
  • Participants will discover insights on having a magnetic mindset, message, and mechanics when communicating to others in professional contexts.
  • Participants will reflect on their communication style.
  • Participants will create a plan for what’s next to improve engagements with team members, customers, and others.

Navigating Stress with Grace

All of us encounter stress at work. We appear differently with both our words and body language. During this powerful workshop, Tina B. will define the stages of “back-up,” how to work through it, and continue to support your team when they experience hardships.

This workshop teaches you tools to navigate through periods of uncertainty and cope with stress in a graceful way.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will define “stress.”
  • Participants will engage in practical application of how to communicate with different styles and preferences when stressed and going into backup.
  • Participants will explore core values and how those influence our reactions.
  • Participants will create a plan for what’s next to improve communication with team members, customers, and others.


Had an amazing day with Tina B for our Nebraska ATD board retreat. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in a world of noise and distractions where we spend little time reflecting on how we communicate with others in the world. Spending time on Maple Edge Farm with Tina’s masterful engaging discussion yesterday gave us a moment to reflect and connect with nature and ourselves. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

Gina Epperson
Learning and Development Strategist, First National Bank

Tina brings inspiring energy and insight to storytelling workshops. She led a workshop for Startup Grind Omaha that also became the most viewed video that month for Startup Grind across the globe.
Her services would be great for a team building workshop, leadership coaching, and anyone in need of a strong public speaking coach.

Craig Izana
Startup Omaha

Tina is a public-speaking coach who leads and teaches by example. My public speaking and storytelling abilities (and confidence to do so) have soared since being a part of a team-building workshop Tina led. During the workshop Tina exemplified the skills she was teaching — she didn’t just tell us good practice, she showed us good practice and that’s what have made her lessons stick with me ever since. Rarely do I begin drafting a presentation without thinking about the lessons and best practices Tina taught. Highly recommended!

Stefan Gailans
Practical Farmers of Iowa
All workshop experiences have options for additional group and individual coaching programs.