Coaching Can Get You There

Coaching Can Get You There

| Tina Bakehouse

My son’s first golf tournament was tough.


A hot sunny day on a new course, with competitors who have played and practiced for years challenged him.


By hole 3, his patience was wearing thin. 

He had expectations, wanting to win.


Unlike the other players, my son was self-taught. Using his great-great grandfather’s clubs, he created an indoor mini-golf course with carpet samples and boxes and constructed holes and putting greens on the farm using old, plastic containers.


He researched Youtube videos for ideas and played for fun.


This tournament opened his eyes to the true mental challenge of golf.


At hole 7, a parent and high school golf coach, noticed him struggling and took the time to share his story of overcoming a golf fail, giving him helpful strategies.


Sharpening his grip and swing and embodying a positive mindset, my son completed the last three holes with grace.


It took coaching to get him there.


Communicating effectively is hard. 


Yet, we know it when we see it. Or, better, when we feel it. 

How do we perfect any skill?  


With coaching and practice.


My first belief:

Effective communication is an ESSENTIAL skill. It can, and should, be taught and practiced frequently.


My second belief:

Guided practice will get you there.


AND, your individual speaker style has the power to transform lives and influence your business as well as social and environmental change.  


Your success and happiness rely on being a competent communicator.


Finally, every communication is persuasive.  You must persuade your audience to listen.

How do you get others to listen?


Analyze your audience, context, and speaking occasion.

Craft your content to target your talk to accomplish the outcome you desire.

Perfect your performance with practice to have presence.


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