Overcome the Challenge to Speak

Overcome the Challenge to Speak

| Tina Bakehouse

Starting a new business challenges entrepreneurs.


New tasks.

More tasks.

Hard tasks.


When feeling challenged, you can make the decision to change and push through the challenge or you can avoid it entirely.


To overcome the challenge to speak, it takes small steps to move past the uncomfortable.


Feel your feelings.


The pandemic stretched me to grow and use technology in different ways—webinars, online networking Zoom meetings, and Facebook Lives. 


Initially, I felt fear and frustration. By labeling my feelings, acknowledging them, I launched forward into new territory.


As athletic trainer Billy Blanks said, “Where you are today, is where your mind put you. Where you’ll be tomorrow, is where your mind put you.” 


By being aware of your feelings, of what your mind is telling you, you can begin the work to stretch and grow.


Make a plan.


Hikers can find themselves tested when they see a mountain. 

How do I get to the top? Will I get lost? Can I make it down before dark?


Experienced hikers plan. They take a map, extra water and food, leaving at the appropriate time.


To lessen my discomfort with the uncertainty of technology, I took small steps.

Facilitating a monthly webinar.

Conducting a five-day Facebook Live workshop series.

Practicing every day.


I committed to my plan and saw progress.


With speaking, start small. 


Ask to lead a meeting.

Say “Yes” to the next speaking engagement.

Use the “test” function on Facebook Live and watch yourself.


Ask for help.

Ask others how they did the specific challenge you’re trying to overcome.

Seek a professional who’s skilled in what you need to guide you.


We avoid challenges because they are difficult and feel uncomfortable.

The longer we avoid, the easier it becomes to give up.


If you want to speak with clarity and confidence, I can get you there.

Don’t worry about the “how.” I can help you with the “how.”


By taking small steps today you’ll begin to build your confidence.

It takes commitment, willingness to learn, and making the decision.


Ready to craft a keynote or share your story? Reach out to me for a discovery call, so we can connect to uplevel your speaker style. If you want help telling you or your organization’s story or communicate with ease, I can help you in a 3, 6, or 12-month signature communication coaching program. For more information, check out my website: TinaBakehouse.com or follow me on LinkedIn or my Tina B. LLC Facebook page and Youtube Channel: Effective Communication with Tina B.