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Confidence is a Choice

Confidence is a Choice

| Tina Bakehouse

Have you ever been asked to speak, and this intense fear starts to sink in?


Recently, I was asked to present a keynote. With a short amount of time to prepare the content, fear sneaked in.


I worried about being competent enough.


I worried my message wouldn’t be what the audience needed or wanted.


I worried I wouldn’t have enough practice to sharpen my performance.


Confidence is a choice.


Quickly, I changed my attitude.


I made the choice to soften the fear and increase the excitement for the event.


As I researched and read about my topic and audience, my competence increased.


As my competence on the subject improved and I practiced consistently, my confidence grew.


What was the final consequence of these choices and actions?


A well-connected message to my speaker style for my audience.


How we choose to show up is a choice. 


We can view ourselves as a success-seeker or failure-finder, and that choice has an immediate impact on how we present and whether we connect with our audience.


Choose success, then communicate that way.