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Are you speaking as your authentic self?

Are you speaking as your authentic self?

| Tina Bakehouse


Several months ago, my business coach assigned me homework: a 30-day Facebook Live Challenge.


During those 30 days, I got on camera, no matter how I felt.


Most of the time, I didn’t want to speak or be present.


Tired, not sure what to say or when, I stuck with completing the task no matter what.


Each day, I composed lessons learned using a beautiful journal with a hand- painted butterfly on the front cover.


A metamorphosis occurred, a rebirth of my authentic self.


By day 26, I felt freed of my conditioned, limiting beliefs. Persevering to perform as me.


Have you ever believed any of the following to be true?


Being stuck in the strategy – Procrastination is a choice.


Overthinking rather than just doing.


Following the rules—Worrying how others are presenting their ideas and what they’re thinking when you’re presenting yours.


Perfectionism taking over: the look, the sound, the feel of the message must meet certain unrealistic expectations.


Not feeling good or worthy enough.


Unsure of what to say.


Fear of being seen.


If you’ve felt any of these feelings, which are true feelings, you’re in your conditioned self.


Remember, feelings are feelings. They are fleeting and can change.


Your feelings are real, but not always your full truth.


Let go of the fear and worry of others’ judgements, the weighed down, heavy energy and constricted thinking.


Leave your conditioned self and focus on feeling empowered and inspired, full of light and freeing energy, seeing endless possibilities with your ideas.


As Ariel McAlister said, “Free your mind from the conditioning of society and fly; think like you are meant to.”


Let go of the fear.


Lean into the faith.


Speak your faith-centered and true.


By trusting yourself and showing up, your message will be meaningful and stick.