Words from the Heart: How Do You Communicate to Achieve Your Goals?

Words from the Heart: How Do You Communicate to Achieve Your Goals?

| Tina Bakehouse

Are you more cooperative or utilitarian with your communication to achieve your goals?


Social Psychologist David Keirsey explains our temperament affects how we use words and tools to achieve our goals.


With a utilitarian mindset, you see tools as a means to extend impact.


Doing whatever works to meet your intended goal.


May or may not map out ideas.


Putting something to the test and trying it out.


Going from point A to point B is most important.


Getting along with people along the way isn’t secondary, not as important as completing the task.


For example, Steve Jobs did what had to be done to get a beautiful Apple product. Imagine his communication style at meetings?


He’d do something and then ask for forgiveness, regardless of how people felt.


The cooperative mindset is different.


They follow the rules, comply, and like mutual conformity.  Cooperatives may view the utilitarian style as anti-social and irresponsible.


Cooperation, they believe, is the safer way.


Teamwork and getting along in the process is important.


They come well-equipped and prepared.


Think of Morgan Freeman’s character Hoke Colburn in the movie Driving Miss Daisy.  He cared for Miss Daisy, followed the rules, and came prepared, complying with her authority and the authority of the society at the time.


Whether you’re more task-oriented or focused on the social connection, both have value.


It’s finding balance.


It’s appreciating the other for what they do.


And, it’s embracing who they are.


That’s part of being an effective communicator.


By allowing the other to be themselves and seeing their differences for what they are, that’s the first step to understanding that we each beat to our own drummer.


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