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5 Tips to Letting Go of Self Doubt

5 Tips to Letting Go of Self Doubt

| Tina Bakehouse

Have you ever experienced self-doubt when speaking on stage?

Communicating with colleagues or team members?

Recently, one of my clients, a leader in her company, wanted to communicate to her team about the company’s vision.

Her team was hesitant. Reluctant to change.

I asked her how she’s communicating about the change.

Her sentence: “If I get my vision right…” In just one sentence, she expressed self-doubt and arrogance.

The “if” showed doubt, whereas, the “my” and “right” expressed ego and perfectionism.

We discussed the need to be more inclusive with her language.

How do you lessen self-doubt before communicating a big idea?

1) Acknowledge you’re feeling doubt. Be aware. Get curious and ask yourself:

Why am I doubting my words?
Are my nonverbals matching my words?

2) Prior to speaking, distract yourself with something positive. Engage in an activity: exercise, reading something inspirational, or listen to music.
These activities help focus in on the present rather than pushing your agenda and expectation into the future.

3) Surround yourself with the right people. Feeling the support moves you into confidence and right direction.

4) Celebrate your wins, even the little ones. By choosing to celebrate, you’re staying in a higher, more authentic energy frequency.

5) Set your intention for the future communication. Give yourself the right amount of time and spaciousness to best connect with others.
If you envision it going well, choosing the appropriate energy and feeling, you’ll experience the best results.

It’s a choice.




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