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Feel What You Speak

Feel What You Speak

| Tina Bakehouse

This past Christmas, my family decided to do something different: travel away from home for the holidays.

During our journey, I experienced a magnificent immersive art exhibit. Entering various passageways, the artists designed six distinctive emotions: joy, angst, love, melancholy, hope, and wonder. Each space emerged different, different fabrics, textures, colors, and sounds.

I traveled through the various stages of love, deep in pinks, reds.
A large cactus symbolized hope.
Pink sea horses floated near a video of a water, exploring a sense of wonder.

The collaboration of 50 artists evoked feelings. Each moment stirred up a reaction, taking me back to a past memory, tapping into specific emotions, reminding me of what it means to be human.

Speaking is an art.

Your words have the same power to stimulate excitement or arouse deep sadness.

Your voice can motivate, invigorate, or fire up a crowd to their feet.

Your body can invoke strong feedback.

For your individualized delivery is what makes speaking an art.

What are you feeling when you speak?

What do you want your audience to feel?

How can you be intentional with the emotions you put into your words, your voice, and your body?

When you’re experiencing art, you feel.

When you speak, it’s art.

Make what you say and how you say it initiate the desired outcome.

Create art.