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See, Feel, Trust…Repeat

See, Feel, Trust…Repeat

See, Feel, Trust…Repeat

| Tina Bakehouse

I remember when I first learned how to write my name in cursive.

My third-grade teacher Mrs. Carlisle, a meticulous scribe who dotted all I’s with perfection and held a quill in her hand to show us the beauty of calligraphy, taught us with enthusiastic fervor that our handwriting gives a first impression.

Writing a capital “T” was my biggest challenge. I struggled with getting it to look just right.

Mrs. C. expressed the need to see the letter, really look at it.

Then, with a pencil in hand, she encouraged me to feel how the pencil feels, and how I press the ink on the page of the paper.

Finally, with practice, she reminded me to trust in my ability to compose each letter with precision.

Mrs. C. had me practice over and over again on brown lined paper with blue and red dashed lines. She stressed once I learned how to craft a “T,” I could use my creativity to make my signature my own.

Creativity. I liked that.

With some rigor, I finally accomplished crafting my capital “T.”

Just like writing our name has a signature style, so does our speaker style.

How do we land a talk?

We need to see the audience, picture them in our minds when we craft the message.

We need to feel our message, the words, that we share them with passion and authority.

We need to trust ourselves, our ability, for our words and delivery can land the talk.

Just like Mrs. C. supported me with a gentle hand to learn cursive, creating my own signature, you can do the same with each message.


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