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Being Magnetic is Self-Acceptance

Being Magnetic is Self-Acceptance

| Tina Bakehouse

My son is turning 13 this month—becoming a teenager. I can hardly believe he’s entering the phase of young adulthood.

I remember what that was like for me in 7th grade: braces, large, plastic-rimmed glasses, and a super-sweet, frizzy perm—an awkward period in my life to say the least. During my first year of junior high, I learned something so valuable: being popular didn’t matter. No amount of wearing Pepe jeans or Guess shirts mattered. What mattered was I how I felt about myself.

To accept me for me.

Had I focused only on the consistent approval and validation of others, I wouldn’t have had the amazing high school memories in speech, theatre, sports, and music.

When you vocalize your message, speak as the magnetic soul that you are.

Magnetism for oneself is owning your true essence, ways of communicating and being and then meeting your audience where they are.

That’s acceptance.

It’s feeling confident—riding those emotional waves—then having patience with others’ reactions, for it’s all the conditioning we’ve experienced in the past.

How are you conditioned to communicate? To respond to others?

As leaders, we’re in the business of breaking down conditioning, patterned ways of being that may not be in alignment.

Be fully of your heart and own the essence of the who that you are.

My heart is my will.

While junior high was an gawky stage, it was my heart that got me through. I connected with myself and then with others.

Learn and be your own heart-centered system. Accept how you feel and think and believe, then share your ideas with others.

That’s magnetism.

Your audience will appreciate your authenticity.


What does it take to have the passion and be magnetic?

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