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Your Environment Influences Your Communication

Your Environment Influences Your Communication

| Tina Bakehouse

Recently, a networking friend posed this question on my Facebook page: does your environment affect your communication? If so, how?

Context creates content.

Yet, she was curious about the difference between an urban or rural setting.

Yes. Environment matters as Einstein says, it’s all about energy. We tune into the energy we surround ourselves in; thus, mirroring positive or negative communication.

1) The amount of people can influence your mindset.
If you live in a larger city affects not only the external noise but also lead to more comparison. This comparison can affect your mindset and perception based on more competition. For example, NYC has several storytellers, improvisers, and speakers, which can be daunting for a new performer entering the space.

2) Time and spaciousness in nature is imperative to fuel your soul and cleanses the brain of the inner chatter, becoming less judgmental on the self.
While rural spaces offer rich options for nature, cities are creating more green spaces. Therefore, make time for it. Nature improves the well-being of a communicator. I make time to walk barefoot on the ground and hug trees. My soul craves time outdoors.

3) Sometimes solitude can of the rural can morph into loneliness.
Find and search for inner connection with others. Be intentional about balancing your amount of solitude and connection with people. Even the most introverted people need occasional human contact for innovation and creativity.

In the end, embrace the contrast.

I like the city’s vibrant, creative vibe and easy access to the arts, yet crave space and nature that rural provides. We need both.