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Curiosity Builds Your Magnetic Speaking Style

Curiosity Builds Your Magnetic Speaking Style

| Tina Bakehouse

Magnetic leaders and speakers are curious.

Curiosity embraces the knowledge gap.

Author Ian Leslie states curiosity is stimulated by understanding the absence of an existing gap of information. Leslie claims the more intense our curiosity grows when we recognize what we don’t know.

However, he notes we’re bad at identifying our information gaps.
Curiosity holds an intellectual need to answer questions.

When a speaker provides interesting insights or a fresh perspective on a topic, this closes the gap of not knowing and delivers more clarity on a pattern with our previous knowledge.

Thus, the audience’s curiosity grows.

During the October 2022 Women Lead Change Conference, keynote speaker and communication confidence coach Nada Lena Nasserdeen steps forward on stage, upbeat and self-assured, she discloses her six pillars of confidence into clear,
digestible nuggets.

She offers four distinct strategies to be more confident, which range from our belief system to backstory. Like Detective Sherlock Holmes hunts down clues and pieces them together to solve a mystery, Nasserdeen unravels the internal mystery of how to increase our confidence.

She makes the abstract concept more concrete, thus, satisfying the audience’s need to know that yes, this difficult question, can be answered.

Nasserdeen is one of other keynote speakers I’ve highlighted in my book Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within, due to publish this fall. She embodies what it means to be a magnetic leader and speaker.

How will you be more curious?

Clarify concepts that are hard to define?

To learn more about Nasserdeen, her keynotes, TED talk, and work, here’s a link to her website:


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