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3 Strategies to Work with and through Perfectionism

3 Strategies to Work with and through Perfectionism

| Tina Bakehouse

How do you work with perfectionism?

Recently, my book marketing strategist says, “You’re writing a book that provides communication tips and tools.  Are you posting videos as your book is about speaking?”

I stare into the Zoom screen and respond, “No.”

He looks at me and says, “Wouldn’t that be a good idea, to speak about speaking?”

We laugh.  Yes, it would.

What held me back?


Flash back four years ago when I started my business.  I remember thinking, “There are so many communication consultants and coaches. Why would anyone hire me?”

A business coach said to me, “There’s no one like you.”

Author Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Perfectionism is fear in high heels.”  I love this quote because it illustrates dressing up the fear and taking away its power and mystery.

How do you work with or through perfectionism?  (Hint: *It never goes away.)

3 Strategies to Work with Perfectionism:

1) Take an improvisation class.  Learning the skill of improv teaches you to get out of your head, be fully present, let go of the fear and lean into the joy.

2) Take baby steps and practice.  Get good with the discomfort and step forward into the unfamiliar.  That’s when growth happens.  Today, I posted a Rooftop chat video, even though I’d rather hide and work on my book.  Here’s a link to watch the video:

3) Have faith in your ability to accept criticism as it comes.  Others will always critique and judge you. Listen and determine if the feedback is helpful.  Ask yourself: Does this serve me?  Recently, I’ve had several beta readers and my revision editor provide feedback on my book. Some comments served me, and others did not.  I stay centered in my confidence and didn’t take the feedback personally.

Remember, perfectionism is just fear in high heels.  It’s lurking in the background like a gremlin ready to take away your power.

It’s working through and working with it.