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Magnetic Speakers Embody Moxie

Magnetic Speakers Embody Moxie

| Tina Bakehouse

Recently, I read leadership consultant Heather Legge’s book Lead with Moxie.

Moxie describes someone with fighting spirit; someone’s who’s determined and gritty.

I started my book Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within over a year ago.

Well, actually, my book-writing process started many, many years prior.

I read through three decades of journals, and starting last June, slowly chipped away at typing my notes, developing chapters from this enormous brain dump.

It hasn’t easy.

It’s taken time.

It’s taken patience.

It takes Moxie.

Legge provides some great nuggets to channel your inner moxie:

Have clarity on your vision.  (*For me, write a book. 🙂)

Saying “no” increases productivity and decreases overwhelm. (*This one is hard for me.)

Communicate your brand.  (*Say your message with heart to draw in your audience.)

Moxie takes discipline.

How will you show up with moxie?

Interested in reading my moxie project, my book Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within?  Stay tuned for a link to purchase your online copy 🙂