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Having Fun Makes You and Your Message More Magnetic

Tina Bakehouse - Catherine Price's book The Power of Fun

Having Fun Makes You and Your Message More Magnetic

| Tina Bakehouse

True fun is bliss and necessary.

Recently, my cousin Sarah Osterman recommended reading Catherine Price’s book The Power of Fun.

Ironically, I saw Price speak at the 2022 Women Lead Change conference as a keynote speaker.

This book inspired me to prioritize true, not fake, fun in my life.
When juggling writing a book, running my business Tina B. LLC , and my son’s schedule and household, fun takes the back seat.



True fun involves playfulness (being silly or embracing absurd and novelty), connection with others, and flow (losing track of time).

This summer I’ve engaged in intellectual fun (bantering with friends and family and crafting goat haiku with friends) and physical fun with playing badminton, pickleball, and going for side-by-side rides on the farm.

Fun gives your mind the necessary space to be imaginative and creative to be and communicate more magnetically.

Consider this:  how can you be more playful with your message?  Is it through a fun visual aid?  Using the audience in your talk? A humorous story?

How can you connect with others?

Perhaps reach out to other speakers or social media groups?

Meet with your mentor or have a one-on-one with someone in your network to deepen a professional connection.

How can you encourage more flow in your communication?  Set the stage and make time for deep work to prep your talk or meeting notes to encourage flow. When you create the goal for flow, you’re more apt to experience it.

What do you find fun?

Those who are having fun are magnetic.

Having Fun!

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