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Make Time for the Downstate to Be Magnetic

Make Time for the Downstate to Be Magnetic

| Tina Bakehouse

Writing and publishing my book has been a time-consuming and grueling experience.

While I’d do it all over again, I would manage some things differently, making more time for my brain to fully charge through more rest.  This process is called putting the brain into a downstate, the state of being when your whole brain is silenced.

Contrast this condition to your brain’s upstate.  UCI Social Sciences defines upstate happens when the whole brain is suddenly launched into action and all the neurons start communicating together.   It’s the brain’s highly active time to think, problem-solve, and create.

Too many times, we work long hours of the day.

Exhausted and spent, we push through just a bit more to accomplish more.  In fact, this is harmful to your creative well-being and brain.

Researcher and author Sara Medick of The Power of the Downstate notes a study says rest increases the growth of your brain and actually makes you smarter.

Hooray!  A great reason to put naps in my planner to improve content of my workshops, keynotes, and client meetings. ☺

Medick also provides strategies to improve your brain and increase your downstate.

Make time for quiet in nature or in a calm space.

Breathe through your nose slowly.  
This clears your brain clutter, the monkey mind.

Be consistent with rest, exercise, and food.  
Our circadian rhythms are meant to be most cognitive and creative prior to noon.

Yet, our energy can vary.  Ask when are you most energized and creative?  Is it in the morning? (*Like it is for me?) Or later in the day or evening?


How will you engage your downstate?


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