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Magnetic Speakers are Fully Present in the Moment

Magnetic Speakers are Fully Present in the Moment

| Tina Bakehouse

I’ve been practicing improvisation for a decade, and what I love about improv is using my imagination, getting out of my head, and being fully present.

In one scene, my partner and I started as scared airplane passengers, then somehow morphed into pilots.  Our teacher stopped the scene and asked, “What’s going on here?”  He noted we weren’t listening, nor fully present.

Thank goodness that was during a practice, not a performance.  Unfortunately, during work or in life, it’s not a practice.

How many times do you find yourself distracted on your phone in a meeting?

Or joining a conversation with your agenda, not open to new ideas?

Or, your mind is elsewhere rather than at the task at hand?

Magnetic communicators are fully present in the moment.

You can prepare your mind and body-to be FULLY present.

Notice your body.  

How you’re sitting?  Where are your feet placed?  Do you have a focused, upright posture, ready to listen, engaging eye contact, not elsewhere?

Start with your body, then shift your mind.

Our brain is wired for connection to others and success.  We must balance this tension.

Improviser and educator Robert Poynton states the importance of letting go, noticing more, and using everything.

By allowing people to break away from a rigid agenda, you get to notice more – is the right conversation happening?

  • Is there enough input?
  • Are the right people involved?
  • Is this going too far one way?

In turn, this encourages you to let go of any preconceived ideas about how that meeting should go. It will also give you the chance to consider or even use everything that was said or covered. Someone might make a small comment that turns out to unlock things.

Improv is based on the principle people are most interesting when they act in the here and now, are in touch with themselves, others, and the surroundings, top of mind, with a clear point of concentration.

Here’s a tip to be more fully present:

Intuitive Abraham Hicks speaks of segment intention.  It is the process where you define your intentions for the segment of your day you are moving into. It is a way of ‘pre-paving’ your outcomes and focusing your energy on what it is you want to achieve-spaciousness prior to meetings, calls, etc. to be intentional about being present.  10 mins prior to client meetings, presentations, etc.

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