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Magnetic Speakers Accept the Offer and Build

Magnetic Speakers Accept the Offer and Build

| Tina Bakehouse

During an improvisation scene, my partner squats and begins to chirp.  I jump in and join. Quickly, it becomes apparent I’m a mama bird in a nest whose dialect includes occasional chirps.  What transpired from my partner’s quirky choices was a funny, delightful scene.

Why? I didn’t block her or her idea.  Instead, I accepted her offer, the reality she created on stage, and added to it.

Yes=instant agreement to the person, the moment, the risk, the fear of the unknown.

No=negates and doesn’t feel good.

Theatre educator Viola Spolin says that in every communication come with a partner mindset, not rejecting the other to move the conversation forward.

Kat Koppett says yes-and is the foundation to all relationships.  Plus, really cool things happen when you have a yes-and attitude.

Moment of truth: Do you block offers?  Do you say “Yes, but” or “no because” more often than “yes-and?”

Be in the “Yes, this is awesome!” attitude to move forward with your team’s collaboration.

Everything is an offer, an opportunity.

What offers will you accept?

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