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Magnetic Speakers Trust Themselves and Others

Magnetic Speakers Trust Themselves and Others

| Tina Bakehouse

When I was younger, I attended summer camp.  One of the activities we engaged in was a trust fall.  Without looking back, I trusted the people behind me would catch me, have my back.  I trusted I wouldn’t fall or get hurt.

Trust embodies servant leadership, which balances vision, building credibility, and giving service.

To be magnetic, start with trusting the self, your inner intuition. Trust your people.

What do you notice?
What do you feel?
Is it hard? Easy?

When you suspend judgement, you can use your imagination and explore divergent thinking by looking at multiple solutions.

Give and feel freedom.

Apply creative thinking, which leads to new processes, products, services, and new and more effective relationships.

Humans are hardwired to help others. Be in partner mode.  Like the trust fall in camp.

Here’s a tip: Follow your intuition.

Improvisers on stage don’t know in advance what they’re going to do/why they do something, yet they have the discipline to trust their intuition.

They dare to fail.  

Instead of preventing mistakes from happening or controlling the situation, they go for it, fail, and learn fast and support their partner the whole way.

Be an ace not like the volleyball player who slams the ball, making it impossible for the opposing team unable to pass but instead:

How can you be an ace?

It all takes trust