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4 Tips to Increase Your Influence

4 Tips to Increase Your Influence

| Tina Bakehouse

I’ve worked with start-ups and one thing I know to be true: it’s hard.

It’s hard to get funding for a project you really care about.

Your mind can get in the way.

Here are 4 tips to uplevel your influence to land your message:

  1. Think with the end in mind.  Be super-clear on your desired outcome. The more specific you are the more likely you’re have others follow you and your lead.  Saying you desire funding for your project isn’t enough. State the impact your project will have and how that will affect your audience.  What problem are you solving?
  2. Hook your audience. Your first line matters.  Pique their curiosity to make that influence. Whether it’s a story or startling fact, this will create more dopamine, exciting your audience, and motivating them to continue to listen.
  3. Use influential nonverbal communication. Dress the part—put on your power.  Draw the audience with taking up more space to show confidence. Have open body language and gesture more.  These choices make your audience choose you.
  4. Use influential words.  Saying “This idea will impact the world,” or positive words like “win” “influence,” etc. will hook your audience choose to listen.
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