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3 Tips to a More Magnetic Acceptance Speech

3 Tips to a More Magnetic Acceptance Speech

| Tina Bakehouse

Have you ever listened to a boring award acceptance speech?

One that lacked focus?

A speaker who may have said too much with little insight?

I love what FDR said, “Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.” 

Your audience wants to see your fanny in the seat more than your face on stage for too long, 3-5 minutes max.

Here are three tips to have a stronger, more engaging acceptance speech:

  1. Thank the person/organization for the award.  This sets the stage for why you’re speaking, and the person will appreciate a shout out.
  2. Acknowledge the people who got you where you are today. Include teachers, community members, organizations.  Highlight a few, including a story that stands out to tug at the audience’s heart strings.
  3. Share the importance of this award and what it means to you.  The audience may be curious with how it’s going to impact them and your future.

Don’t forget to start with a strong hook and end with a powerful closure.  Your audience needs a persuasive appeal to get them to choose to listen and stay with you during the journey of your speech.