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Let Go of Busy to Be More Magnetic!

Let Go of Busy to Be More Magnetic!

| Tina Bakehouse

As we’ve cruised through the winter and edging into spring, it’s easy to feel the deep overwhelm for spring cleaning and large amounts of productivity.  This anxiety can negatively influence your communication style and overall presence.

We can be a victim to our choices, saying “yes” far too often.

Here are three tips to let go of the busy and BE more centered to communicate more effectively:

1) Have a clear, consistent morning routine.

I recommend moving your mind, body, and soul.

This includes journaling and reading something inspiring, exercising, and meditation, a time of quiet spiritual practice.All of which prepare you for your day, your future communications, and way of being.

2) Time block your daily schedule to release the worry.

I categorize my days: Mondays – Writing, vision planning, marketing strategy
Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Meeting with clients and speaking engagements
Thursdays – Networking and connect calls
Fridays – Open for meetings

Do what works best for you and your way of being.

3) Ground yourself by getting outside, standing on grass or sand.

Let your body tune into all the sensory details of what nature provides: the sound of birds chirping, the smell of green grass and flowers, and feeling of wind and sunshine on your face.  Being part of nature connects you back to yourself, letting go of the frazzle and letting in the peace.