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3 Tips to Support You for Emotional Talks

3 Tips to Support You for Emotional Talks

| Tina Bakehouse

Do you get teary-eyed when speaking?  Recently, I had a client reach out and ask, “How do you present at an emotional event without crying too much or completely losing it?”

Here are my thoughts keeping your composure when presenting a speech:

  1. It’s okay to tear up and show emotions.  If it’s an important, timely event like a wedding toast or anniversary party, the audience expects to see some emotion.  This response is real and authentic.  Just don’t get too carried away with the tears to the point your audience can’t understand what you’re saying.
  2. Practice your talk with a few loved ones as your audience prior to presenting.  Tune into the words that may trigger emotions and then listen to your body.  When you feel the urge to cry, pause, relax, and breathe.  Your breath is your power.
  3. Decide where to look. On the day of the presentation, consider who you give eye contact to and be prepared to be surprised on the day you present, for prior conversations, that specific day, and other things can truly impact how you express your feelings and your delivery style.