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Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within 

Did you know people remember only 10% of what you say?

Your audience has two choices: to tune you out or listen. As a speaker, you have the responsibility to land your message into the hearts of your audience by connecting to yourself and being passionate about your topic.

In Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within, I’ll guide you through this process by teaching:

  • The importance of audience preferences and self awareness: who we are and what we think affects what we say and do.
  • The significance of clear, organized, and audience-centered messages in different contexts. Passion, storytelling, creative play, and flow all lead to magnetism.
  • The value of improvisation training, forgiveness, and practice strengthen your vocal and physical delivery and overall presence to attract and relate to audiences.

And so much more…

This book provides stories and strategies to create engaging messages to strengthen your connection with audiences. If you speak, you can be magnetic.

Magnetism is a choice; do the work and see the results.



If you speak, you can be magnetic. Make the choice and do the reps.