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Real-world advice for your professional life.

One-on-one and team consulting to communicate more effectively at work.

Communication is a co-creation between you and the other person. If you want a powerful presence, I teach how to listen, think, and respond to questions and comments from others to make the most meaningful impact.

You’ll learn the following skills in an executive consultation:

  • Craft a powerful and persuasive message and analyze your communication style, using the Keirsey Temperament tool and a holistic approach.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to move the conversation forward.
  • Compose your elevator speech for networking with other professionals.
  • Create a powerful presentation or story.


Learn how to show up own your energy. Reach out to schedule one-on-one time to sharpen your skills!

Executive Communication Consulting

This executive communication consulting experience is designed to give you the capability to communicate effectively in your company culture. The objectives may include developing and strengthening interpersonal skills, creating written messages appropriate for a variety of business audiences, and presenting business messages in appropriate formats and venues. You will discover the importance of showing up as your real self, highlighting your best skills.

Practice Makes Permanent.

Taking the time to think of yourself and work on you is important. Each session is individualized and focused on the client’s communication growth and goals. During our time together, we’ll focus on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, temperament, and speaker style with a holistic approach. To see success, the client needs internal motivation and personal growth mindset.

To set your yourself apart from others, ask yourself:

How do I show up as my authentic self?

How do I respond appropriately to my audience?

How do I anchor in my confidence with the presence I desire?


Rapport building between you and coach

Space for communication practice

Questions to engage self-discovery

Action plan to improve your communication skills

Building Your Communication Skills at Work

Executive Communication Consulting

For people who:

Need assistance with composing a powerful presentation or message in a professional setting.

Target Audience:
CEOs, Nonprofit Executive Directors, Heart-centered Advocates for Change

Hourly sessions or ongoing support through my Magnetic Speaker Blueprint Program

(Click here for more information on the program)

Location Options:

  • Maple Edge Farm (preferred)
  • Virtual
  • Office location

Asking the right question is as important as answering them.

– Benoit Mandelbrot